Competition instructions


Competition instructions – pdf

The competition will be conducted according to the competition rules of the Finnish orienteering Federation and the instructions provided by the organizers.

The competition map is a 6-coloured printer copy from June 2013. The scale is 1: 10,000 and the contour interval 5 metres. The maps have a plastic covering.

The size of the maps is A4 on Saturday and A3/A4 on Sunday. In classes W/M10-WM13, W/M10RR, W/M10RR and W/M12TR the size of the map is A5.

The competitor can keep the map after arriving at the finish. The organizers emphasize fair play.


The competitors take their bibs from the rack near the result board at the event centre. Note! You need your own safety pins!

Classes H/D21A will use bibs with a yellow bottom on both days. On Saturday the bibs in the classes H/D21A will be collected by the organizers and new ones will be distributed on Sunday. All the other competitors will use the same bibs on both days.

Control descriptions and emit back-up tags will be at the starts.

In classes H/D14 and younger the control descriptions are on the map. Classes H/D10RR have no control descriptions. All the other classes have loose control descriptions.

There will be no equipment for fastening the control descriptions at the starts. You can buy a plastic covering for 20 cents at the Info.

Each  competitor is responsible for the operation of his / her emit-card and for using the emit-card that is mentioned on the start list. The organizers will not check the validity before the start. If the competitor uses another emit-card than made known to the organizers, the performance will be disqualified (the event rules 11.518). The change of an emit-card (for a good reason e.g. because it is broken) will cost 2 €. In case of losing a rented Emit-card, the charge will be 60 €.

Changes of emit-cards shall be attended at the Info, not at the starts.


The start lists will be available for review at the competition centre and at the starts.

Start 1
On Saturday 1.6 km along a road/path
On Sunday 2.6 km along a road/path/ in the forest.
Marked out with blue and white fibre ribbons.

Start 2
On Saturday 0.9 km using the terrain.
Sunday 0.8 km along a road.
Marked out with blue and yellow fibre ribbons.

The ribbons start from the sign post. 

The first start is at 11 am on Saturday. On Sunday the first start is at 10 am.

Start 1: 100 m from the start to the map point on Saturday.
Start 1: 100 m from the start to the map point on Sunday.

Start 2: 10 m from the start to the map point on Saturday.
Start 2: 10 m from the start to the map point on Sunday.

On Sunday the A classes will start in reverse order and have an interval start on the basis of Saturday´s results. The winner of Saturday will start last in his / her class. Those who only participate on Sunday and those who are left without result on Saturday will start first in the classes in an order drawn by lot. On Sunday the first starts is in D21A at 10.41 and in H21A at 10.30 am. The start interval is 2 minutes.

Start procedure:
5 minutes before the start the competitor shall enter the start lane.
4 minutes before the start the bib will be checked.
3 minutes before the emit-card will be cleared.
2 minutes before the competition map can be reviewed.
1 minute before the competitor will step to the map bucket of his/her class.
The competitor can take his/her map from the bucket at the last beep of the clock.

H/D14 and the younger classes, start 2:
The varying maps can be seen 5 minutes before start.
The competitors in classes H/D12, H/D13 and H/D14 will be shown the map with the map point and the map will be oriented.
The competitors in classes H/D12TR, H/D10RR and H/D10 will be shown the map with the course.

The competitors get the map one minute before the start except in the RR classes where the map will be given 2 minutes before the start by an organizer who will help the competitor to orient the map and give guidance about the controls and the marked-out route.

The TR course will start from start 2 on both days. There is a continuous white fabric ribbon in the terrain which can be followed (=the track on the map) but the control points are situated off the track. There are common number codes at the controls.

The RR course will start from start 2 on both days (the same course as the TR course). The route is marked with a continuous white fabric ribbon. The controls are identical to the model control. Their codes begin with an RR, e.g. RR1, RR2, RR3 and so on. The controls are situated on the ribbon route and punching must be done in number order. The competitor must punch at the finish line, too. A missing punch will cause a time penalty of 10 minutes.

Entering cultivated fields and yards is forbidden.

There is a marked route to the finish from the last control. Competitors punch at the finish line. After punching everyone walks forward to a reading unit where the emit-card  is discharged and the punches checked. Any cases of confusion will immediately be cleared up at a separate checking point (the Wailing Wall). The competitor whose performance is for some reason disqualified has to prove the validity of his / her performance before leaving the finish area.
The finish is closed at 3 pm on Saturday and at 2.30 pm on Sunday.

Changing clothes and showers outdoors. The showers will have warm water. Guidance from the guide post. There will be toilets at the competition centre. Guidance from the guide post. There will be no toilets at the starts.

A competitor who wants to drop out must pass the finish, punch normally and report to the officials at the finish.

There will be a first aid station at the competition centre. There will be no first aid stand in the terrain.

The info takes care of the mistakes on the start list, emit number changes and unpaid competition fees. Rental emit cards have to be fetched from the info and returned there on Sunday. A rental emit card costs 4 €. In case of losing a rented Emit-card, the charge will be 60 €. The change of an emit-card will cost 2 €. The parking fee of 3 €/day must be paid at the info.

The split times are available near the Info.