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Teneriffan leiri

21.02. klo 08:00 - 5.03. klo 17:00

Orienteering camp in Tenerriffe. ATM the plan is that there is possibilitie to stay in the training camp between 21.2-5.3. The accomadation booked now (for 8 people) located close to Teneriffe south airport, so you are able to come/leave on your hoped days. If more people willing to come to the camp, will check new accomadation.

Let Allu know ASAP your possible plans for the camp. Hope to be able to book the flights ASAP.

Training plan will be made after we know everyone attending to the camp. There are 10 forrest trainings and 15 sprint trainings possible for the use. And some old forest trainings for extra if needed.


2024 Teneriffe_camp bulletin


  • Aleksi A 21.2-5.3
  • Eerika 21.2-5.3
  • Sanna 21.2-5.3
  • Valtteri K 21.2-29.2
  • Dami 22.-2.3
  • Marco 22.-2.3
  • PVA 23.2-2.3
  • Karo  25.2-5.3
  • Gaasenbeek family on own accomadation
    • Nathan 25.2-3.3
    • Celine 25.2-3.3
    • Annlinn 25.2-3.3

Some logistics and accomadation cost variation calculations here

More information about the trainings and maps here

  • 10 ready forest trainings
    • Some extras from national team camps etc. to be asked
  • 15 ready sprint trainings

Estimation costs of of the camp.

  • Accomadation 25-36€/day/person (depens on amount of people on accomadation). Might have small changes when adjusting the days to needed ones.
    • At the moment couple different accomadation booked, demending about the amount of people in the camp.
      • Accomadation 1 (apartment with 4 single and 2 double beds)
      • Both accomadation have kitchen, washing machine, parking places
  • Maps 89-147€ (depens on amount of maps)
    • Trainings are located all over the Teneriffe Island, driving distance mostly 30-60min
  • Car 100-150€/person
  • Flitghs: Around 500€ ATM.
    • Accomadation is located 10min from Teneriffe south airport. So you are able come/leave on the days you hope for.
  • Gasoline + food cost shared together with the participants



21.02. klo 08:00

5.03. klo 17:00