Tuplakeskari_iltapäivä (28/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Muuratsalo
Organiser: S-JKL
Distance: 5.36 km
Time: 34:32
Average HR: 179
Maximum HR: 188
The second middle race of the day... One big minus! I was ****** slow in the uphills. Not my strength, but I am also many times "afraid" to run the uphills, like I could, because I am afraid "kiiling" myself to the uphill. Techniqually: should have checked many of the controls more presicely, because now I was standing right next to control on 11th and 15th and also quite unsure to the 5th one. To the 9th just didn't do the basic O-work properly
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Tuplakeskari_iltapäivä (28/05/2016) Tuplakeskari_iltapäivä (28/05/2016)